Great ashtrays in a wide variety of shapes and materials

People simply love the blue haze. Despite non-smoker protection laws, the desire to smoke is unbroken. We offer ashtrays in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Whether it's the classic glass ashtray or the extravagant stainless steel model. Representatives of these indispensable smoking utensils can be found in every catering establishment or household.

Suitable ashtrays for every application

Ashtrays are used to collect ashes and stubs from cigarettes and cigars. There is a suitable ashtray for every area of use. To prevent unpleasant odors and dirt from becoming noticeable, you should make sure you choose the right model. There are travel ashtrays for on the go, ashtrays for outdoor use, ashtrays for the car and ashtrays for indoor use.

Different types, materials and shapes

You can find ashtrays in a wide variety of types, shapes and materials. The classic glass ashtray is the most common. If you prefer something more elegant, we have various models made of metal or stainless steel. There are also colorful plastic ashtrays. Ashtrays made of wood, ceramic, stone, clay, porcelain and crystal are also used. Whether a classic table ashtray, with a rotating lid, hinged lid, stand-up ashtray, cigar ashtray or even pipe ashtray - every model is a beautiful and original eye-catcher.

Ashtrays also make great gifts

These valuable smoking accessories not only serve a practical purpose, they also make excellent birthday presents. There are no limits to your imagination here. You can write your beloved soccer club, a particular hobby, personal lettering or a name on the ashtray. The useful smoking utensils also offer a great opportunity to use them as advertising material.

No party without ashtrays

For many smokers, these are more than just a useful and practical accessory. Our ashtrays also add a very special flair to any event, wedding, home bar celebration or party in the party cellar. Even non-smokers like them. Because the indispensable smoking utensils are used almost everywhere. Whether in the hotel and catering industry, for drinks manufacturers, tobacco producers or in the home - every day.