What would the world be like without glasses?

Then we'd still have to drink from horns, the hollow of our hand or from a bottle. It works, but it's not nice.

We have a selection for a well-earned after-work beer, the right glasses for aperitifs, full-bodied shots with oomph, decorative long drinks and fine champagnes.

Make a statement, raise the bar even higher and show good taste inside and out at your party, BBQ evening or poker game.

With the right glasses, every event gets that special touch and you can toast with your friends in style, pushing expectations and standards to an attractive level.

Order drinking glasses for every occasion online at Barmeister24

If you're thirsty and just grab a glass from the cupboard, you often pay less attention to whether the glass matches the drink at all. However, those who like it stylish will certainly attach great importance to matching drinking glasses. At Barmeister24, you'll find a large selection of glasses from well-known brands - with and without logos - for every purpose and for every drink.

Do you want to drink your favorite summer drink from a real Aperol Spritz glass? Do you need a suitable rum glass for the Havana Club? And the beer tastes better from a beer mug? Then you've come to the right place! You can buy the right drinking glass here. Choose from our numerous categories and find your new signature glass.

Our Barmeister24 drinking glasses: make the right choice

Glass is not just glass! The shape of the glass plays a particularly important role. The shape of the glass helps to optimize the enjoyment of the drink, an important aspect especially for wine and whisky (or whiskey). Now we would like to give you some information about our drinking glasses.

Because sad but true: the days when a glass was used for schnapps and filax should be over. A sparkling wine can only really develop its flavor in a champagne glass, a wine only in an appropriate wine glass - with our drinking glasses you will become a real sommelier!

At Barmeister24, hops and malt are not lost

Beer is probably the Germans' favorite drink. From Germany or from faraway lands - beer is the number one alcoholic thirst quencher. In recent years, non-alcoholic beer has also become very popular. With or without alcohol, the barley juice belongs in the right glasses! It will be really stylish if you have drinking glasses with a logo to match your favorite type of beer in your glass assortment. You can find the following types of glasses for your "cool blonde" with us:

Beer glasses
Beer mugs
Beer goblets
Wheat beer glasses

How about having a glass of your favorite beer for each of your best friends in your party cellar or construction trailer for every party? If you make the right choice and buy the perfect drinking glasses, you're in for a treat!

Buy Barmeister24 wine glasses for an aromatic bouquet

Wine connoisseurs are very sensitive when it comes to the right wine glasses. With our wine glasses, you can be sure that the aromas can reveal themselves wonderfully. However, make sure you put the right wine glass on the table with the wine. A Bordeaux glass is not suitable for a Riesling. Note the differences between red and white wine glasses.

Can the glass be a little sparkling?

Champagne and sparkling wine taste wonderfully fresh and sparkling from the right glass. These special drinks are drunk in style from:
Champagne glasses
Champagne glasses
Sparkling wine and champagne must be chilled, so you need to keep them in the fridge well in advance. Champagne glasses with a brand logo, which you can buy from Barmeister24, look classy.

Cocktail bowls and long drinks

Your bar should not be without our Barmeister24 long drink glasses and cocktail trays. A special glass for a margarita or the "sex on the beach" cocktail makes the drinks perfect and also offers the necessary space for decorations such as orange slices or funny cocktail sticks. Tonic water and ginger ale always taste good in these glasses. We also have a large range of soft drink glasses and water glasses.

Unusual cups at Barmeister24 are just waiting for you

Of course, we've also thought about hot drinks, because it can get uncomfortably chilly in the evening when you're having a cozy get-together. Latte macchiato, mulled wine, grog, punch and tea taste particularly good in the right cup. You can even order these with logos from various well-known brands at Barmeister 24 in ceramic and glass. For example, you can also buy mugs with handles. The handle makes it possible for you to hold the hot cups in your hand.

Select attractive drinking glasses at Barmeister24 for drinks without alcohol

Alcohol in a glass doesn't have to be right for everyone. Thirst quenchers such as juices, spritzers, water and shakes are also popular. In recent years, the smoothie fan community has grown massively and fitness is the trump card. But don't let our various glasses spoil your enjoyment. A long drink glass or cocktail glasses make the non-alcoholic drink a visual highlight, because your eyes and those of your guests always enjoy it too.

Buy drinking glasses in a set at Barmeister24

What do you want with a single glass when you're always drinking with good friends? In your bar or restaurant, several glasses are of course always necessary - we don't want everyone to drink from one glass! That's why you can buy your new drinking glasses from Barmeister24 as a set and benefit from the price. Our sets are perfect for equipping your bar properly! Buy glass sets now and show your love for Aperol, Jägermeister and co.

Use glasses for decorative purposes

Drinking glasses belong on a beautifully laid table, even in multiples depending on the drinks on offer for each person. If you opt for minimalism when decorating the table, you need to pay particular attention to the design when choosing glasses. Try not to cheat here by thinking that guests will find any other alcohol glass just as suitable as real champagne glasses. It is immediately noticeable on the table if the glasses have not been chosen correctly. In general, high-quality alcohol glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses are immediately registered by the eye and perceived favorably.

What other alcohol glasses can you buy from Barmeister24?

As we have a suitable glass for every drink, we would like to list some other practical drinking glasses:
Disposable cups - perfect for larger parties
Reusable cups - your companion at the festival campsite when you want something other than canned beer
Whiskey tumblers & nosing glasses - for the noble gentlemen & fine ladies
Shot glasses - we don't need to say anything about that, do we?

At Barmeister 24, you'll find many more glasses that will make a good impression in everyday life and in your bar and will please your guests. Visual highlights with which you can really set the scene for all kinds of drinks.

How do you clean drinking glasses properly?

If you want to take good care of your glasses, it's best to wash them by hand. Warm water and a drop of washing-up liquid are all you need to get your glasses clean and as good as new. A bar mat for draining also makes your work easier, as the glasses can air dry wonderfully. You can also buy these service mats from Barmeister24.

Do you put your glasses in the dishwasher? Then choose a gentle program and place them at a distance from other dishes to avoid annoying glass breakage.

Buy drinking glasses online at Barmeister24

We have all the glasses that will make your heart beat faster. Champagne glasses, wine glasses and all kinds of alcohol glasses are available to buy from us - with and without logos. Disposable and reusable cups are suitable for many occasions: The cocktail to go, the cola and rum mixer at the festival or for an alternative game of beer pong.

Have fun at Barmeister24 and browsing through our online store! You'll find drinking glasses for every conceivable occasion that make every drink a pleasure. A good reason to choose alcohol glasses, champagne glasses, wine glasses and much more as a gift for a loved one, to buy for your home bar or to present in your own restaurant or store.