Drinking bottles

Water bottles that pack a punch

Are you looking for a water bottle that packs a punch? In our store you will find water bottles with versatile features, such as sports bottles with a drinking insert. These products are perfect companions for hiking and trekking. Add some fruit to the water and you have a drink with a fruity taste.

Versatile: thermos flasks with a leak-proof screw cap

An insulated metal thermos flask with a screw cap keeps your coffee and tea hot or ice-cold during a hike or throughout the working day. The bottle should be neither too big nor too small, as it also needs to fit comfortably in your hand. Since about half of the human body is made up of water, proper hydration is important for regulating body temperature and aiding digestion, etc. Owning a durable and perhaps even fashionable water bottle is also a good way to remind yourself after a party that it's time to drink water.

A water bottle with a screw top is ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging and hiking. It also ensures that you stay hydrated throughout the day in indoor areas such as the gym and at school.

You can even find our thermal bottles in trendy bright colors. They are a must-have for your home bar and party cellar. Because you always have hot or ice-cold water to hand. Insulated models keep the water hot or cold for hours, so they are also a good option for work and university. You can also find a high-quality "emsa KIDS set" with drinking bottle + lunch box for boys and girls in our product range. These products are perfect for kindergarten and school.

Robust and flexible

Our water bottles made of BPA-free material are perfect travel companions. They are robust enough to withstand bumps and falls. Some of the models even come with loops so you can easily attach them to your backpack. If you are going on an adventurous dream trip with your loved one after your wedding, then stainless steel water bottles are the perfect travel companions. You can also take a water bottle with you to any outdoor event or celebration.