Beer cups

Beer glasses have come a long way

Only drink beer from a beer glass! Beer glasses have come a long way. In the past, beer was served in tin mugs in pubs. With the development of brewing, the first beer glasses were produced. Gradually, their shape changed. Did you know that a beer glass should actually only be used for beer? In a double-walled beer glass, your pale ale stays cold for at least half an hour.

The different shapes of beer glasses

A beer tulip owes its name to its tulip-shaped stem and plump body. The appealing shape of the tulip with its convex top emphasizes and maintains the foam.

A beer goblet impresses with its timeless design. These beer glasses are also very popular with restaurateurs and hoteliers. Thanks to the short, seamless stem, the glass is very stable. The aroma is enhanced by the tapered edges. This thin-walled and elongated beer glass promotes both the formation and retention of the head. The aroma can develop in a proper beer glass, which also makes your Helles taste better.

You can drink your Pilsner from a Pilsner stem, which is shaped similarly to a wheat beer glass. Thanks to the slender shape, the hop aroma in the pilsner is additionally emphasized.

For your export beer, it is best to choose a glass with a medium wall thickness that tapers slightly towards the top. This glass shape is ideal for bottom-fermented export beer. It tastes fuller and more intense in such a glass than in a simple mug.

English beers such as ale, porter, lager, stout etc. are drunk in a pint glass that is wide open at the top. This type of glass gives the head enough space to develop. The carbon dioxide can rise vertically from the center of the glass.

The Willig glass is one of the so-called standard glasses. It is thin-walled and cools down quickly after rinsing. This is why it is often used in the catering trade. Legend has it that a certain "Willy Steinmeier" gave the glass its name. The employee of Ruhrglas GmbH is said to have designed the easy-to-produce mug in 1954.

Craft beer, this artisan-brewed beer, is served in an elegant stemmed glass. This elegant glass with a tall stem tapers sharply towards the rim. It generally holds 0.3 liters.