Illuminated signs

Put your good name in the spotlight with illuminated advertising

Would you like to present your name, lettering or an advertising medium in a really eye-catching way? Then you've come to the right place. We have the right neon sign, the great advertising board, the attention-grabbing light banner, the bright neon sign and many other promotional items for you.

Stand out with the right merchandise product

Today it is not so easy to stand out with your product or company. Competition is constantly increasing. In the age of the Internet, competition has become much tougher in almost all areas. The use of the right merchandise is therefore of great importance. A very interesting and effective form of advertising is illuminated advertising. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. The right illuminated advertising conveys a first impression and creates a high recognition value.

Illuminated advertising attracts attention

Whether it's a catering business, a wedding event, a party in the party cellar or a celebration in the home bar - anyone who is dependent on customers or simply wants to put themselves in the right light needs to draw attention to themselves and their offer. Illuminated advertising offers a wide range of design options and fascinating luminosity, making it ideal for use. Here you can really showcase eye-catching designs.

There are a wide variety of shapes to display your promotional items with abstract logos or animations. Of course, they are also available in a wide variety of colors. State-of-the-art LED technology makes for a real eye-catcher. In contrast to fluorescent tubes, LED technology in particular is more durable and requires less maintenance. This attracts a lot of attention, especially when used outdoors in the evening and in the morning. And indoors, illuminated advertising turns every event into an unforgettable experience.

Buy illuminated advertising & create the perfect atmosphere

You know it from the party locations in your city or at your vacation destination - colorful neon signs for restaurants. Especially in the evening, when the sun has already set, the many letterings of well-known and popular spirits attract people to the venues from afar. You also feel right at home in the pubs when you see the logo of your favorite drink on an originally designed neon sign.
If you're now thinking that this cozy atmosphere is exactly what you need in your bar, you've come to the right place. At Barmeister24, you can not only buy flags & banners, tin signs or chalkboards at reasonable prices, but also order professional neon signs. These mostly handmade works of art are very rare and represent a very popular rarity in every bar. You can also easily fulfill your wishes for modern LED neon signs with all their many advantages and order them from Barmeister 24.

Which neon signs can you buy from Barmeister24?

We offer a wide range of merchandise products from well-known spirits and beer manufacturers, so that you can create a cozy atmosphere and attract attention in the interior of your bar or in the outdoor area. Of course, this is also associated with a very high recognition value. Of course, you can also present your own name or your personal logo with an illuminated sign in a very effective way.

Thanks to our large selection, you can buy exactly the illuminated sign that fits harmoniously into your bar. Our customers at Barmeister24 love to buy neon signs for and from their own bar, for example:
Jack Daniels Whiskey
Jim Beam Whiskey
Bacardi Rum
Beck's beer

Most customers don't even care that it's the logo of their favorite drink, but they love the flair of these artistically sophisticated advertising signs. In combination with the matching glasses, your bar will shine even brighter!

Order modern LED technology in illuminated signs

For a long time, fluorescent tubes were seen as an efficient way of generating light over a large area with moderate power consumption. Now your bar is in the 21st century and you can even order retro neon signs with modern LED technology from Barmeister 24. LEDs are very energy-saving light-emitting diodes with a service life many times that of conventional fluorescent tubes. They are also very robust and well suited for outdoor use.

The right merchandise product for every occasion

Your own illuminated advertising in the bar is of course an eye-catcher and can also bring additional light into dark corners. For an illuminated outdoor advertising board, very bright advertising boards are an advantage, which then catch the eye even at dusk. To set accents in a cozy bar, even a weak luminosity is sufficient. In this way, the illuminated billboard will be an eye-catcher.

Of course, there are many occasions when a luminous billboard will put you in a good mood:
Company party
Birthday party
Stag party
Wedding anniversary

The illuminated billboard chosen to match can always remind people of this special celebration as a gift. You can also buy an illuminated open sign to signal to those around you that it's time to hold a party in your bar again. Hang it in a clearly visible window or outside the entrance. Your neighbors and friends will just be waiting for the lights to come on again.

Buy illuminated advertising as a light dispenser

If a dark niche is to be given additional light with the illuminated billboard, a stronger luminosity is also an advantage indoors. At Barmeister24, you can not only buy illuminated advertising at a low price, but the LED technology also means that electricity consumption is low. This is a good prerequisite if you want the party feeling to last all night long.

The right billboard for you

Are you looking for an illuminated sign, a neon sign, a light banner or simply a billboard? Then you've come to the right place! We have a wide range of promotional items for you. Our neon signs in particular offer optimum illumination to present your advertising message in the best possible way. The high-quality light boxes impress with a wide range of color design options. Whether it's a beautiful name or an original advertising message - your illuminated advertising will always be an eye-catcher.
Buy illuminated advertising now and let your bar shine!