What is a bar caddy

A bar caddy is a storage accessory with several compartments. You can store napkins and straws neatly in this utensil. This prevents clutter in your home bar. This bar helper is a must-have in every party cellar. Because it allows every bartender to better organize their bar at a party. A bar caddy simplifies the process of making a sundowner and other drinks. You can serve your guests faster at a wedding because napkins, straws and cocktail picks are always to hand.

The bar helper for better storage

In the smallest of spaces, there's room for everything in the bar caddy, which allows the bartender to keep napkins, drinks, straws and fruit picks in separate, hygienic compartments within easy reach.

The bar caddy with several compartments makes it easier for you to prepare drinks and serve your guests more quickly. Because when you're mixing a cocktail, you need a few things to complete the drink. In addition to cocktail napkins, straws and decorations for the cocktail are organized and stored in a bar caddy. It doesn't stand in the bartender's way, but is his great ally, keeping the tools and ingredients he needs at hand throughout the day. If you have to search too long for cocktail picks when preparing a "Honey Fresh" in a fine Jack Daniel's glass, this will slow down your bar service. Take a look around our store for great items such as branded glasses for your next party. Our branded products, such as Jägermeister sunglasses, are already branded.

Keep cocktail accessories organized in the bar caddy

In addition to caddies made of black and white plastic, we also offer products made of stainless steel and chrome. You can store all the cocktail accessories you need for an event in your party cellar. Store your accessories professionally in the bar helper. Many of the products with the practical compartments can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. The refillable containers are available to buy in different sizes. It should be noted that stainless steel models are a particularly attractive eye-catcher on any bar.