Carafes & Pitchers

What are decanters & pitchers?

Unlike a carafe, a decanter usually has a convex base and a narrow neck. The purpose of both makes remains the same, namely: to pour wine, water, cocktails or other drinks. You can pour fresh juice into a glass from a beautiful pitcher and an elegant carafe at any time. You will also need a decanter carafe to decant the wine in your party cellar properly. Pitchers often have a volume of two liters (half a gallon), as their size is based on the American measure. However, you can also find a pitcher with a usable volume of one liter on the market. A jug of orange juice invites you to serve yourself in your home bar. The jug of sangria, on the other hand, is sure to be emptied quickly at an event.

Jugs and carafes score points with their multifunctionality

You can find a jug for your home bar that matches your drinking glasses. This set is ideal for an event such as a hen party. If your best friends want to have a party in your party room before the wedding, you can serve the ladies water, juice and wine in the container. A beautiful glass jug with an attractive design scores with its multifunctionality.

Carafes and jugs: features

Carafes and jugs are containers with a spout and handle. These products are either cylindrical, oval or cubic in shape. They are intended for serving water, lemonade and cocktails such as sundowners. Pitchers can be found in bars, party cellars, at ceremonies and are sold in various shapes and colors and made from different materials.

Nowadays, these bar helpers have long since become indispensable, which is why they are never missing from a complete set of glasses. A special decanter is often used for branded wines as it facilitates aeration and therefore promotes the development of aromas. The glass decanter is used at a party to supply water and serve wine. A jug is made of either glass, ceramic or metal and has a slightly tapered neck with a pointed spout. There are products with and without handles. Jugs are used for serving juices, water, iced tea and cocktails.