The tumbler - ideal for serving whisky drinks

A tumbler, often referred to as an "old-fashioned glass", is the standard tumbler for serving whisky drinks. These glasses generally have a capacity of 20 to 35 milliliters. You can use them to serve "whisky neat" or "whisky on ice" in the home bar. The drinking glass is shaped to enhance the whisky drinking experience.

A timeless glass: the tumbler

Thanks to the wide rim, this glass is ideal for filling with ice or for serving various classic cocktails in your party cellar. Take a look around our online store, where you will find tumbler glasses in various designs with and without print. For example, you can also opt for a practical Starbucks tumbler thermo mug in red made of stainless steel with a pattern and logo. With this environmentally friendly product, you no longer have to rely on disposable cups.

The tumbler is a timeless glass and therefore a must-have for a celebration such as a wedding. The glass also has a robust base and is therefore ideal for mixing cocktail ingredients. In comparison, a stamper is a small glass that is often referred to as a "shot glass". On our website, you will find shot glasses in various shapes, some of which also feature imprints from well-known drinks manufacturers.

Thanks to good ergonomics, the tumbler glass sits securely in the hand. Thanks to the robust base, the tumbler won't even start to sweat when you sip a cocktail with ice from it. Simple, elegant and durable - these are the characteristics that speak for a tumbler glass. When you sip an Old Fashioned, the "granddaddy of all cocktails", for example, the natural flavors and textures of the ingredients come into their own without dominating the whisky. You use the whisky tumbler at an event to serve scotch, Irish and bourbon. Mixed drinks and long drinks such as a Manhattan or a bourbon and cola are a must at a party. They can all be served in a tumbler glass.