Rum glasses

The ideal rum glass for every occasion

Different shapes, sizes and colors, in our large assortment you will find rum glasses in first-class brand quality and numerous designs. Whether as a gift, for a large event or a cocktail evening in the party cellar at home, the robust rum glasses are elegant highlights for every occasion. Depending on the drink, different glasses are suitable for your rum creations:


Like whisky, rum tumblers are very popular glasses due to their thick-walled design and thick base. The open shape ensures that aromas evaporate relatively quickly, which is why a tumbler glass is best suited for a rum "on the rocks".

Nosing glasses

Nosing glasses are suitable for rum tasting. The bulbous tulip shape ensures that the aromas unfold. The nosing glass tapers towards the top and thus retains the aromas in the glass. As with a whisky tasting, the nosing rum glasses are transparent so that the spirit can be better assessed - the stem also keeps the body heat of your hand away from your drink.

Long drink glasses

Long-drink glasses are always used when you want to serve a rum cocktail. The large volume of these rum glasses offers space for ice, soda, juices and other additions. Whether it's a Cuba Libre or a mojito, rum long drink glasses are just right for these drinks.

Branded glasses from leading manufacturers

With our versatile rum glasses from leading brand manufacturers, you not only have a unique gift for friends and family, but are also perfectly equipped for weddings, birthday parties, private tastings and large events in the hospitality industry. In the Barmeister24 store, you will find numerous rum glasses for every occasion, from tumblers and nosings with stems to long drink glasses.

Choose the perfect rum glasses depending on how much rum you enjoy: with robust tumbler glasses from the popular Ron Zacapa brand, you have the absolute classic among rum glasses. The first-class brand glasses are extra thick-walled with a robust base. The wide opening of the glasses is not only ideal for whisky, but also for rum on ice. Our Botucal rum glasses, the most sought-after glasses for enjoying rum, are also fine tumblers. These open-up warm tumblers impress with their particularly elegant shape. Whether Ron Zacapa or Botucal rum glasses, our branded tumblers are always high-quality glasses in gastronomic quality.

Anyone who prefers to enjoy fruity and unusual rum cocktails needs large long drink glasses at home, such as those from Bacardi. Thanks to their large, slim shape, these rum glasses can hold juice, ice cubes and fruit garnish. Get creative and serve various cocktails such as Pina Colada or Mai Tai in these rum glasses at your next party.

Here in the store there are many different branded rum glasses from Ron Zapaca, Botucal and more for all your favorite rum drinks.

Discover now: High-quality branded rum glasses at Barmeister24

For cocktails, pure rum, "on the rocks" or as a long drink with juice: in our Barmeister24 store you will find many different rum glasses for every occasion and every drink. The selection of glasses is just as varied as the sugar cane spirit itself. Whether it's a classic Botucal tumbler, a nosing glass with a stem or a large long drink glass for fruity cocktails, the brand glasses in our range come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles and always in first-class gastronomy quality. Browse through our rum glasses category and find your perfect glasses for parties, weddings, birthdays or rum glasses as an unusual gift here at Barmeister24.