Grappa glasses


Grappa glasses the way you like them!

The bulbous grappa glasses from Barmeister24 are the perfect choice for enjoying the unique taste and aromas of the fine Italian grape marc brandy "grappa". Whether you prefer to enjoy your grappa neat or as an after-dinner digestif, discover our selection of shot glasses now and find your perfect grappa glass at the best price.



The right grappa glass to suit your taste

As with any spirit, choosing the right glass is crucial for grappa to bring out its aroma and taste to the full. In our range, you will find first-class quality grappa glasses from brand manufacturers. So you don't have to make any compromises when choosing a glass for your grappa.

Stemmed glasses

Grappa glasses are classic stemmed glasses and are the right choice for enjoying grappa in style. These elegant glasses with their slender stem also ensure that the spirit in the glass does not heat up unnecessarily, so that you can enjoy your grappa at the optimum drinking temperature for a long time. That's why the stem isn't just a visual flourish.

Tulip-shaped glasses

Grappa glasses are also characterized by their bulbous or tulip-shaped form. With this characteristic shape, in which the goblet opens upwards, the aromas are better concentrated and give the grappa a full-bodied taste. No matter which grappa glass you choose, with our high-quality glasses you are perfectly equipped to experience the full enjoyment of the popular grape marc brandy. Cheers!

Enjoy your favorite brand with our grappa glasses

At Barmeister24, you will also find well-known manufacturers and brands of shot glasses - and grappa brandy is no exception. These glasses are a real eye-catcher at any party as well as at other celebrations: Try our grappa glasses at private tastings, weddings or a special gastro event. You can't go wrong with unique shot glasses such as grappa glasses as a gift. Take a look around and discover our selection of glasses.

Among our glasses for grappa, the high-quality glasses from the brand Sutterer 1799 are particularly impressive. Enjoy your grappa in this glass at the perfect temperature, as the long stem of the grappa glass prevents the grape marc spirit from heating up through hand contact. Together with the classic bulbous shape of the grappa glasses, you get the optimum taste of the alcohol. So you can experience your drink in a way that suits you. As part of our range of shot glasses, the grappa glasses are not only visually appealing but also of the highest quality - see for yourself.

The special shot glass: grappa glasses at Barmeister24

Are you looking for the ideal glass for your next party or for an unforgettable gift? Among the shot glasses, the grappa glass with its bulbous shape and long stem makes a real impression both visually and in terms of taste. This is because the drink is not heated, which means it retains the desired taste for as long as possible. The bulbous glass also ensures the perfect aroma of the drink. This allows you to enjoy original grappas or other spirits in an authentic glass. Browse through our store and you will quickly find the right glass to suit your taste.