Chairs & tables

In summer, parties and even weddings often move from the party cellar to the outdoor area. To avoid having to balance your plate of food precariously between your legs, a camping table is an important part of any outdoor party. Of course, this also includes a comfortable camping chair to sit on

Camping tables and chairs for every outdoor adventure

In our store you will find lightweight and high-quality camping chair sets made of aluminum, which are suitable for picnics and garden parties. As soon as it gets colder, simply bring them into your home bar. These products are also an enrichment for indoor use.

High-quality sets from our store consisting of four folding chairs and a matching camping table are robust and portable. They are therefore ideal for taking from the party room to the veranda. When it comes to serving food and drinks, nothing beats the comfort of a camping table with matching chairs.

High-quality furnishings for catering establishments and private party cellars

If you are looking for a barrel barrel, a barrel with a tap or a rain barrel, then our store is the right address. In our extensive product range, you will also find stools with storage space and various storage boxes that offer your guests comfortable seating, just like a beanbag. Do you have an (electronic) dartboard in your home bar? Then you will also find the heart of the dart, the barrel. These products differ in their throwing weight and material.

As you can see, our store can offer you a wide variety of equipment and accessories for your catering business and for your private party room. Browse through our website and you will find not only chairs and tables, but also high-quality glasses, tableware sets and elegant cutlery, to name just a few examples.