Shaker & measuring cup

What is a cocktail shaker?

Mixing in a cocktail shaker is uncomplicated.

How does a cocktail shaker work?

Contrary to James Bond's wishes, the cocktail shaker is not used to prepare a traditional martini. You use a shaker in your home bar to shake and mix a sundowner containing alcohol, juices and syrups, for example. This is because these ingredients do not mix well when stirred. However, you can use the mixing cup of the cocktail shaker to stir martinis and other cocktails.

Mixing drinks in a shaker (cobbler shaker, Boston shaker, French shaker, etc.) is a straightforward process. A cocktail shaker is the most commonly used cocktail tool according to many bartenders, although you don't make all cocktails with a shaker. This is because carbonated drinks such as mineral water, tonic or cola must never be shaken. Even with a mojito or old fashioned, the bar helper should remain in the cupboard.

The different types of shaker

If you are looking for a cocktail shaker, you can choose from different types. The best known are probably the Boston shaker and the so-called cobbler shaker.

Professional bartenders in cocktail bars generally use Boston shakers. These are products with a large shaker cup and a Boston glass that you use with a strainer for pouring. You can easily prepare two cocktails at the same time in this shaker. It is easy to handle and clean. However, you will need a little practice, as the finished cocktail must be strained using a separate strainer.

The cobbler cocktail shaker: It consists of three parts: the metal shaker cup, a lid with integrated strainer and the cap. This bar helper is ideal for home use in your party cellar. You can use the cap as a bar measure when preparing a cocktail for a party in your home bar. Another plus point is that you don't need an extra strainer for pouring. This is definitely a big advantage at a wedding or any other large event. Other models are the French shaker and the speed shaker. Compared to a cocktail shaker, a blender is a device for the precise preparation of drinks (with fruit and ice) for your next party.