Cocktail bowls

Cocktail bowl

The word cocktail is said to be derived from the Mayan word "coctel". It was used for fermented fruit juices. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought the concept of the drink to Europe. Different glasses are used depending on the composition of the cocktail.

The perfect cocktail glass

A cocktail glass is ideal for a cocktail, as it contributes to the uniqueness of the drink mixture. Without the different glasses, it would be difficult to enjoy the flavors of a cocktail. Cocktail glasses are used by the bartender at a wedding, for example, to facilitate the release of different flavors. They are therefore perfect for serving interesting cocktail creations.

There are branded glasses to match every cocktail.

Sundowner: This "twilight drink" consisting of gin, rum vodka and possibly tonic, soda, lime, ice etc. is often served in a low tumbler. The low tumbler is one of the top glasses in the bartender's world.

Margarita: It is often referred to as the "queen" of cocktails. This cocktail is the perfect drink for a summer party. The margarita glass is similar in design to a glass sombrero. The rim of the glass is intended for the iconic salt crust.

Tom Collins: You serve a Tom Collins or Cubra Libre in a long drink glass in your home bar. However, a Collins glass is also suitable if the drink contains fruit and several ice cubes.

Dry Martini: A Dry Martini, a mixture of gin and vermouth, is best enjoyed at a party in the cellar from a Martini glass, which can also be used for a Cosmopolitan.

Champagne-based cocktail: You can enjoy a hearty mimosa (champagne, orange juice, a splash of liqueur) in a stemmed glass. These glasses with the elegant figure should not be missing in any home bar, as they are used at almost every event.

Aviation, Manhattan: These short drinks without ice can unfold their full aroma in a coupette and cocktail bowl. The glasses with a stem and wide opening ensure that all your taste buds are washed over your tongue. This way, you can enjoy the interplay of sweet, sour, bitter and umami. The stem prevents you from warming the drink with your warm hands.