What are trays for the bar?

Practical and functional bar trays are ideal for serving.

Glass trays with anti-slip properties are therefore indispensable in the catering trade. These useful bar helpers are available to buy in various shapes: Whether round or rectangular, there is a serving tray to suit every need. A good tray is acid and grease resistant. Many of the bar utensils can also be personalized on request.

Trays for the bar are practical for the bartender who has to serve at tables at an event. A glass tray is also an ubiquitous tool at a party.

The serving tray is an important bar accessory

A good serving tray offers its users quality, functionality and convenience. It proves its worth when it comes to safely bringing prepared drinks such as sundowners in cocktail glasses, champagne in champagne flutes and beer in jugs to the guest table at a wedding. Cocktail bar trays are often equipped with a non-slip surface to prevent glasses and crockery from falling and breaking. Serving trays are also perfect promotional items, as they are regularly used to transport drinks at parties in the party cellar, for example. These bar utensils are usually available in a range of colors to match any corporate color scheme.

Serving trays in different designs

A glass tray is a great idea for any hospitality business. So why not use such a tray in a home bar? You can choose between practical plastic trays and elegant stainless steel versions. These great bar helpers can be fitted with non-slip rubber mats if required. Trays are indispensable in every café and party cellar. In addition to surfaces with anti-slip properties, these products often also have features such as large handles. The trays prove their worth when you have to clean up the empty glasses and snack plates in your home bar after a party. Stainless steel trays are particularly easy to handle. They also add a touch of sophistication to drinks such as coffee and tea with their highly polished surfaces. Non-slip trays, on the other hand, have a rough surface. You can therefore use them to safely carry beer and wine glasses around your party cellar. It should be noted that non-slip trays made of robust plastic and fiberglass are very durable.