Ice cube box

What is an ice cube box?

Several trays fit into an ice cube box, the cube-shaped compartments of which are filled with water. The box is suitable for making, storing and serving ice cubes. They are indispensable at the next party in the party cellar or on the terrace. The ice cubes ensure that your guests keep a cool head at every event. Cube boxes (with lids) are made from a wide variety of materials. You can buy these bar helpers in various colors and sizes from online retailers.

How does an ice cube box work?

An ice cube box is designed to produce ice cubes with and without flavor in the freezer. The cubed ice is used to cool a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Depending on the product, these containers are available to buy with or without a lid. Models with lids prevent the water from leaking in the freezer compartment. The molds can be easily filled with water or fruit juice. Some of the products are also available as thermoboxes. In these versions, the ice cubes only melt after several hours. An elegant champagne bottle can be perfectly presented in a bottle presenter at a wedding. Then place it in a bottle cooler, which is filled with the ice cubes from the bar helper. The cooler ensures that all guests can toast with a chilled drink.

An ice cube box with a lid is also essential in your home bar. It is easy to fill with water, fruit juice and pieces of fruit. You can simply press the cubes out of a silicone tray, for example, after freezing. The smart bar helper is ideal for serving ice cubes at a party in your home bar. As a rule, both the box and the containers inside are dishwasher-safe.

Why is an ice cube box useful?

If you want to enjoy a cold drink at home, you can easily make the required cubed ice in the box. But the ice cube box is not just for summer, when you want to treat your guests to chilled long drinks and cocktails at a party in the garden. You can also use it to make ice cubes in stock for your party cellar. Special thermal boxes even protect the cubed ice from melting too quickly.