Lighters & matches

The lighter is the ideal promotional item

Lighters and matches are ideal promotional items. They are useful merchandise products that are readily accepted by customers and business partners. They can be printed with logos or slogans on both sides for effective advertising. This allows you to show off your advertising perfectly and thus put potential customers or business partners in the right light.

Lighters are perfect merchandise items

Lighters are not only useful everyday companions, but are also among the bestsellers in the promotional products sector. Of course, you can light cigars, cigarillos or cigarettes with anything that burns. However, candles or campfires are not exactly the best lighting devices. We have a large number of different models in a wide variety of colors and shapes. These can be individually printed and are therefore ideal merchandise items. This allows you to put your advertising message in the foreground. We offer a wide range of products and colors. This gives you a wide range of design options.

Lighters and matches in various designs

Lighters come in a wide variety of shapes and types. Petrol lighters, electric lighters and high-quality gas lighters are very popular. They are also available as disposable or refillable lighters. And they even impress non-smokers. This is because they can also be used to light candles, cookers, fireworks or campfires. They are also ideal for decorating with an engraving. If high-quality lighters are used for this, the advertising message will last for many years, as they do not wear out so quickly. Matches are just as good promotional items. These can also be decorated with an advertising message and are therefore always an eye-catcher.

Lighters and matches perfectly showcase advertising

The stick lighter is also a very popular promotional item. This is slightly larger and has a robust handle. This provides an excellent opportunity to decorate it with an advertising message. Whether it's a lighter or matches - this is the perfect way to get your advertising message across. With these handy promotional items, you will always be an eye-catcher at every party in the party cellar, every celebration in the home bar, at every wedding or any other event.