Salt & pepper shaker

Salt & pepper shakers to add the finishing touches to cocktails

If you want to set up a party cellar, there are a lot of things to procure. The first thing to consider is how much you are prepared to spend on the new bar helpers. Have you decided on a specific budget? Then start looking for durable salt & pepper shakers. A good alternative would be a classic spice grinder made of transparent acrylic. It is not only a beautiful eye-catcher on the counter. The models usually have several grinds so that you can season your "Bloody Mary" really finely at a party.

Salt and pepper spice up drinks

Just like a spice grinder, salt and pepper shakers should not be missing from your home bar. These products are available in glass and stainless steel sets as well as in animal shapes. Silver-plated shakers look particularly elegant. Cocktails such as a ginger margarita, for example, not only include tequila, orange, pineapple, peach and lime juice, but also a pinch of ginger from the spice grinder. A spicy shot cocktail, such as a Mexican, can be spiced up at a party with a little Tabasco and salt and pepper. Spices such as turmeric are not only ubiquitous in the kitchen, they also have a health-promoting effect on cocktails. So feel free to add a little vodka to the drink at the wedding. Pourers and portioners are also part of the tools of the trade in the bar and are indispensable. They are sunk into the opening of the bottle and prevent a high level of spillage.

Different spice grinders

Spice mills are a good alternative to salt and pepper shakers. They are often made of one of three materials: wood, acrylic or stainless steel. Wooden models are particularly popular with restaurateurs. The natural material is very versatile and is suitable for many occasions. With acrylic salt and pepper mills, you can see when the spices are running low and it is time to refill. Stainless steel mills look beautiful and are easy to hold and use for cocktails (for an event).