What are chalkboards?

Chalkboards are effective advertising customer stoppers that you can set up outdoors in front of your restaurant or party cellar. These displays provide your guests with information about your offers in the restaurant. Take a look around our online store, where you will also find a large selection of menu signs for indoor use. They give your family and friends a good overview of your products in your home bar.

Displays with colorful and decorated advertising attract customers

You can advertise your events, celebrations and parties as well as menu items in your establishment with a customer stopper on the sidewalk. You can choose between display stands and wall-mounted signs. These items are available in various sizes and shapes in our store. It should also be noted that we stock chalkboards to suit any decor and any occasion. Whether fashionable, elegant, modern or themed (wedding: private party). By investing in our writable menu signs, you have the opportunity to maximize your marketing technique and attract new and old guests. Chalkboards also give you the opportunity to create creative ways to inform your customers in a fun way.

Advantages of chalkboards

Outdoor displays are an easy way to draw customers' attention to your establishment. Although you can also draw attention to your business online with digital advertising, you should never underestimate chalkboard signs. They allow bar and restaurant operators to communicate their menu offerings in a creative way by displaying them on the street or indoors.

Chalkboards are creative customer stoppers that can be used to boost your business. In our online store, you will find both street signs for the sidewalk and menu boards for indoor use. These products are effective and trendy when it comes to creatively advertising events in your bar or pub. They entice your customers to come into the shop/pub.