Empty bottles

Turn empty bottles into decorative items

Are you looking for empty bottles that you can use to create decorative items for your home bar and party cellar? Our company has a wide variety of empty bottles in its range, which you can use to create a beautiful vintage corner in your home, for example. With bar decorations made from used parts, you are also doing something good for the environment.

There are no limits to your imagination

For example, you can fill empty liqueur bottles with stones, small shells and beads and then place a slightly curved photo of your friends (taken at the last event) inside. This creative decorative item is sure to be an eye-catcher when your guests are having fun at a party in your party cellar. Or you can spray one of our bottles from the store with a nice color and embellish it with small stones. This way, you can create a beautiful and inexpensive candle holder for a cozy rehearsal dinner before the wedding or for a party on the terrace, for example.

Craft ideas for glass or plastic bottles

You can use a wine or champagne bottle to make a shisha, for example. You will also need a shisha kit and some adhesive tape to seal the bottle perfectly. Empty bottles from our store can be used to bring joy to children and other family members. There are lots of functional things you can make with our glass bottles, such as DIY oil candles, which are also nice enough for weddings.

Older children need cash for all sorts of things. A money box made from empty bottles is a fun way to collect loose change. You don't have to spend a lot of money on DIY water bottle piggy banks. With one of the dry plastic bottles from our store, some pink paper, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, eight small pink wooden beads, a heat gun and a pair of scissors, you can make a fun money box. You will need the pipe cleaner for the pig's tail and the wooden beads for the feet. You also need to add a slit opening.