Ice bucket

What is an ice bucket for the bar?

If you serve chilled colas or fine cocktails at your home bar party, an ice bucket is an essential accessory. This type of ice bucket has been around since the invention of refrigeration. It is certainly practical to have ice cubes to hand at a wedding or other event.

An elegant ice bucket with a lid is ideal for storing ice cubes from the ice cube machine or ice cube tray. With a lid on, they won't melt for a very long time. In this way, the bar helper ensures that you and your guests always have enough cubed ice available at every party.

A stylish bottle bucket with a chic design should also have a reliable handle so that it can be easily carried from the kitchen (or from another location for refilling) to the party cellar or garden.

What materials are suitable for the cooler?

The most important task of an ice bucket is to keep the ice cubes frozen for as long as possible.

You can store the cubed ice from the ice box in the ice bucket (with lid). It is used for drinks, cocktails and for cooling bottles. Stainless steel is the most popular material for bottle buckets. Like glass, it has a flat and smooth surface and is therefore very hygienic. For example, you can find easy-to-clean, double-walled stainless steel ice buckets with additional insulation on the market. Plastic is also a suitable material for a cooler. It is durable, lightweight and practical for rough outdoor party scenarios. A good ice bucket should last you many years with proper maintenance and care. It fits behind the home bar or on the counter to help keep your drinks cool.

As it's not exactly hygienic to get the ice cubes out of the bucket with your bare hands, most of these bar helpers come with a matching ice tongs. The serrated teeth give the ice a firm grip when scooping. However, if you are already the proud owner of ice tongs, you can of course also opt for an ice bucket without tongs. You'll find everything you need here.