Bar mat

At Barmeister24 you'll find a large selection of equipment for your bar - and a bar mat is a must! Because it's simply super practical and in the cool design of your favorite brand, it's impossible to imagine a bar without it! Buy a bar mat now and benefit from the many advantages.

Buy a bar mat at Barmeister24: Why you absolutely need a bar mat

The main task of a bar mat is to give glasses, the bottle cooler, the shaker and other bar accessories a firm hold and to protect the bar surface. As an indispensable part of any home bar, it shortens the cleaning time after a party in the cellar. To meet the requirements of private and professional bartenders, our manufacturers offer drip mats in various sizes and colors. And not to be underestimated: Visually, they are a real highlight in any bar!

Rinsed glasses are placed safely and hygienically on the special non-slip mats at the bar. These bar helpers are highly resistant to aggressive liquids. As a rule, they even have an antibacterial effect. It is worth buying these practical service mats for both private and professional use. So don't delay: Add a bar mat to your shopping cart!

Buy a bar mat: Advantages of a service mat

Hard-wearing bar mats keep the counter clean. It is impossible to avoid spills of drinks and water on a bar counter. Unsightly rings no longer have to be a problem, so the counter surface doesn't have to suffer. Because stains and rings quickly create an unsightly impression.

Using a service mat saves you time and effort when cleaning. Glasses placed on the draining mat dry more quickly, as the water can run off by itself. The glasses dry without you having to do anything - and without a tea towel. This is particularly convenient if you have a large number of glasses to wash after a big event, such as a wedding.

A glass mat can also reduce glass breakage. It is soft and prevents slipping. This alone minimizes the risk of injury from the service mats. As draining mats (with knobs) allow glasses and bar accessories to dry particularly quickly thanks to the air circulation, glasses are quickly ready for the next round after a party. This means you have a freshly rinsed glass much more securely in your hand for the next drink. Buying a draining mat from Barmeister24 also brings more safety to your bar.

Buy hygienic draining mats from Barmeister24

A bar and parties are not just about looks. As the owner of a bar, hygiene should never be neglected. We at Barmeister24 attach great importance to this, which is clearly reflected in our range. Maintaining cleanliness is easy with our drip mats and no major cleaning is required on the surfaces.

With a small handle and the bar mat with rubber, you can noticeably improve hygiene in your home bar. In addition, you can avoid unpleasant limescale and water stains after washing, which puts a glass in a very unattractive light. Another advantage is that the polishing required after washing the glasses can be minimized.

A service mat leaves a good impression on guests

As draining mats are available in different colors, they are suitable for any type of worktop. They are even very practical in the kitchen at home. Some of the draining mats with or without a logo even come with a frame. If a sundowner is spilled after work, the counter won't get wet from the after-work drink.

A mat with patterns and colors can also be used to decorate a bar or party cellar. It ensures optimum cleanliness and offers your guests a professional image.

A plastic service mat leaves a good impression on your guests, friends and customers, as it makes the bar more presentable. Our bar mat with logo in the shape of the Alps is sure to be remembered and makes a great gift idea. All of our products are ideal as souvenirs, for example if you bring along the drinks or glasses to match the service documents.

Buy bar mats with logo at Barmeister24

When it comes to bar mats with logos, you'll be delighted with our range. To make your bar look inviting, simply use our wide range of models with matching logos. You'll find bar mats from:

Johnnie Walker
Red Bull Energy
Bombay Gin

and discover many more bar mats from well-known brands!

Of course, you will also find matching glasses with logos for our bar mats with logo and drip mats in our extensive range - as always at fair prices. Take your time to browse through our Barmeister24 store, because in addition to service materials, there's a lot to buy here for you and your bar at low prices. It's easy to give a bar a completely new ambience with lots of professional flair.

Are bar mats with logo easy to clean?

Cleaning is not complicated or time-consuming. A little warm water is usually enough, provided the traces of drink have not dried up for a long time. However, the fact that the bar mat is made of rubber means that all residues come off easily. In stubborn cases, use a little vinegar water on the back. Simply rinse clean, dry a little and your bar mat with logo is ready for its next use.
Please do not use harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive cleaners or metal objects for cleaning. Soft sponges are perfectly adequate. This way you can enjoy your service mats, which you can buy at Barmeister24 at a reasonable price, for a long time.