What types of napkins are there?

Napkins are indispensable bar helpers in your party cellar. In our store you will find labeled products from well-known beverage brands such as "Ramazzotti", "Campari", "Aperol" and "Henderson", to name just a few products

Napkins add a special touch to the table

Table napkins are ideal for festive occasions such as weddings. Together with fine cutlery, they quickly transform the table into a festive setting. Paper napkins can be cleverly draped to match the theme of a celebration. There are different folding techniques that ensure variety at every event. With paper napkins in your home bar, you save on washing costs. They are ideal for everyday use. Napkin rings are the easiest way to tame these bar utensils at a festive event. A cord or a beautiful ribbon also make napkins a beautiful eye-catcher at a party. You are sure to find the right napkin for every need in our store.

Beverage napkins are usually small and are therefore folded in such a way that they lie on top of each other in several layers.

There are suitable napkin dispensers for beverage napkins. The label of a well-known drinks manufacturer can often be found on them. But there are also cocktail napkins with funny sayings on them. In a bar where cocktails such as a sundowner are served in style (at sunset), you should make sure you have high-quality napkins. If they are too thin, they could tear if a wet glass is placed on them. Dinner napkins are larger because they should cover the user's lap completely to prevent stains.

The first paper napkins were brought onto the market by the Japanese in the 19th century. In 1948, the American etiquette author Emily Post gave them the prestige they deserved when she chose a paper napkin instead of a cloth napkin. Cloth napkins must withstand frequent use and multiple washes. They should be completely clean after washing. These bar helpers can easily be folded into a lotus flower or a boat for a themed party.