Bottle opener

What is a bottle opener?

Bottle openers are versatile tools with different designs. Their function is to remove caps from bottles. These everyday bar helpers are used to open beer and lemonade, they remove crown caps and some of the bottle openers can also be used as corkscrews in your home bar. Multi-purpose bottle openers even make some tools superfluous. If you want to enjoy a bottle of beer or another refreshing drink with your friends in the party cellar after a hard day's work, you need a bottle opener.

How do you use a bottle opener?

The classic bottle opener works by applying pressure to the crown cap with a lever and using its hook to lift the cork from the bottle with counter-pressure. The method is simple: you approach the bottle opener with your bottle with a metal cap and remove the cap by applying leverage. Many women rumor that this gesture is innate in some men. But you never know! You can also opt for a wall-mounted bottle opener for your party cellar, for example. With a bottle opener like this, your guests will open their bottles even faster at the next party.

The bottle opener, an indispensable tool at every party

One of your best friends is getting married? Before the wedding takes place, you invite him and other friends and male relatives to a stag party in your home bar. If this event is taking place in your party cellar, then you should provide several bottle openers. As already mentioned, a wall-mounted bottle opener is a very practical utensil for your home bar. It is simply mounted on the wall with two screws. All you and your guests have to do is put the beer bottle in place and the crown caps simply fall into the collection container.

Some of the openers are equipped with additional features such as engravings, a belt attachment, a counter or a USB stick. Many beer manufacturers produce these bar helpers with their own logo. The materials used are robust stainless steel and aluminum. Rubber grip surfaces increase comfort when opening. Wooden models are very prestigious.