Different bar accessories

The right tools and important bar accessories. Your party cellar should have a wide repertoire of drinks. If you want to equip your home bar functionally, you will also need various useful bar accessories, such as ice cube molds. Because if you want to serve your homemade cocktail nice and cold at the next party, you need to have ice cubes on hand. As the ice cube molds are usually made of silicone, the cubes can be easily pressed out of the mold. Use the "menu card" to display your range of drinks and snacks at an event. With the help of carefully selected bar accessories, you can give free rein to your creativity when serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Indispensable bar helpers make the party cellar attractive

Having a real bar at home is an asset. But now it's also important to find the right bar accessories to make the party cellar as attractive as possible for the next celebration. In addition to cocktail glasses, bar accessories such as bottle stoppers and cocktail shakers are of course also essential. After all, a wine or champagne bottle uncorked at a wedding needs a suitable stopper. There is a wide range of accessories for the bar: champagne corks, glasses in different sizes, but also ice cube molds and bar mats. Bartenders use the mats to protect the surface of the bar, for example.

Other useful utensils for the home bar

In addition to cocktail glasses, bar gadgets such as bottle stoppers and cocktail shakers are of course also indispensable. Matches with your company's logo ensure that the name is engraved in the minds of your guests. These bar accessories are essential if you want to create a romantic ambience in your bar with a candle. The cocktail stirrer helps you to prepare a sundowner. You can use it to mix a gin or whisky cocktail, for example. It ensures that you get a balanced flavor ratio.

The beer drinkers in your party cellar will need a slim bottle opener. As spills are inevitable, you should always have a nice bar towel to hand for a quick wipe up. You should also invest in a corkscrew and bottle stoppers.