Champagne glasses

High-quality champagne glasses for catering and private use

You need elegant and practical champagne glasses for a party or reception. Here in the store you will find a comprehensive range of champagne glasses with models that are suitable for every occasion. There are stylish brand glasses for sparkling wine and prosecco in first-class material and manufacturing quality. Find out more about the features and benefits of the champagne glasses in our range below.

For toasting or decoration

The champagne glasses from our store are elegant, robust, durable and easy to clean. You can even choose from dishwasher-safe models. The glasses are made from high-quality crystal glass, which is available in transparent or milky versions. As an alternative to the classic champagne glass, you can also opt for a stemmed glass or a goblet. Our range includes robust and shatterproof glasses for parties and events as well as artistically decorated sparkling wine glasses for the display case. The champagne glasses from our store have both functional and decorative added value.

The right glasses for every occasion

We have the right champagne glass models for every occasion here in our store. This applies to elegant and artistically decorated models as well as sturdy glass or plastic glasses for parties, barbecues or large events. Whether as a sundowner, for the home bar or for gastronomy and catering, our champagne glass models are versatile. Here are the most important areas of use at a glance:

  • Large events
  • Celebration
  • Party
  • Trade fair
  • Event
  • Wedding
  • Party cellar
  • Home bar

High-quality champagne glass models for private and gastronomic use

Here in our store, you will find high-quality champagne glasses made of glass, crystal gas or plastic for both private and catering use. We not only offer a wide selection of materials, but also different champagne glass shapes. The brand glasses are available as a champagne tulip, champagne flute, champagne bowl or goblet. Champagne tulips are tall and narrow. The shape of the stem and 15 cl goblet is reminiscent of a tulip. The champagne flute has an elegant and elongated shape. However, this variant does not widen at the top, making the glass very compact and space-saving. A champagne flute has a flat and wide goblet shape, but is lower overall. This shape ensures optimum development of the carbon dioxide and aroma.

Buy cheap brand glasses for sparkling wine

Here in the store you have a large selection of modern champagne glasses from leading brand manufacturers. The elegant glasses for sparkling wine, champagne and prosecco sit comfortably in the hand and are available as a champagne flute, champagne bowl, champagne tulip, stemmed glass or goblet. Benefit from top quality, low prices and fast delivery here in the store.