Wine glasses

Perfectly shaped wine glasses for fine wines

Did you know that the taste of even the finest wine or champagne suffers if you choose the wrong glass? Because wine and champagne not only taste better when served in the right glasses, but the table also looks much nicer with a perfectly shaped wine glass.

The right wine glass really sets the scene for the fine wine

Perfectly shaped glasses not only make for a real eye-catcher, they also have a useful purpose. Because only when the right wine glass is used can the wine develop its full aroma. Only in this way can the special taste of the fine wine be fully appreciated. Not all wine glasses are the same. There are many different types and shapes. Here you can find out which glass to serve which wine in.

Wine glass has a decisive influence on the taste of the wine

Whether at a classic wedding, a party in the home bar, a celebration in the party cellar or another event: choosing the right wine glasses is very important. These differ primarily in terms of shape. The shape of the goblet in particular distinguishes the glasses. There are wide-mouthed and narrow-mouthed glasses. This serves to emphasize the character of the respective wine and the aromas. If you do not serve the wine in the right wine glass, the taste of the grape juice will not be shown to its best advantage.

The right glass for every wine

Whether red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, champagne and prosecco or sparkling wine - the right choice makes all the difference. Red wine needs to breathe. That's why the glasses have a bulbous goblet with a wide opening. White wine glasses, on the other hand, have a narrow, tall shape. So do champagne glasses. Champagne is served in flute or tulip-shaped glasses. This means that the perlage does not evaporate so quickly. A balloon glass, on the other hand, is more suitable for an aperitif or cocktail.

How should a wine glass be placed correctly?

It is also important that you place the glasses correctly. The white wine glass should be placed to the left of the cutlery and the red wine glass to the right. When it comes to care, make sure that hand washing is still the best choice for fine wine glasses. The delicate glasses are simply not suitable for the dishwasher.