Soft drink & water glasses

Soft drink glasses are true all-rounders

In general, it can be said that soft drink glasses have to withstand a lot. If you browse our store a little, you will see that we offer these glasses for sale in all shapes and sizes. All of the soft drink glasses on our website are scratch-resistant and washable, even those that already have a logo on them.

We have the perfect glasses for your party in stock

A soft drink glass should contain something special, light and thirst-quenching, such as lemonade. In our online store, you will also find glasses from the renowned Kufstein glass manufacturer Riedel. These items are sure to enrich your home bar.

You don't just want a glass of lemonade to banish the summer heat. If the thirst quencher is served in an elegant drinking glass, you will also enjoy it alone or in the company of friends at an event. A nice juice glass is ideal for serving a cocktail at a party, for example. You don't just drink "whisky neat" or "on the rocks" from a tumbler. Cocktails and mixed drinks such as a "gin sour" and "gin basil" are also served in a tumbler. Like the juice glass, the water glass is also part of the basic equipment of a party cellar. Lemonade can also be served in these glasses.

Glasses for long drinks (soft drinks and an alcoholic drink) are narrow and generally have a convex shape so that they taper towards the top. They are suitable for all-round use, such as at a reception before the actual wedding. The glasses, with the solid base, are standard in the catering industry, as they can be used for a variety of soft drinks. Coca-Cola, one of the best-known drinks manufacturers, has developed a Coke glass in the shape of an hourglass and with grooves to hold it. This shows off the supplier's drink particularly well.