Long drink glasses

Stylish long drink glasses

If you want to serve drinks at events or parties, you need suitable long drink glasses for cocktails, whisky and other spirits. Whether rum cola, Cuba Libre or gin and tonic, you'll find the right branded glasses for every drink here in the store. The models from leading brand manufacturers impress with their excellent material and manufacturing quality. They are robust, durable and offer an elegant look. Find out more about the features, benefits and areas of use of the long drink glasses in our range below.

High-quality long drink glasses in different versions

To enjoy cocktails and spirits in style, you can find the perfect glasses here in the store. The long drink glasses are large enough for different ingredients and their shape ensures that the carbon dioxide does not escape so quickly. They can be used to serve not only spirits, but also lemonades, spritzers and juices. When buying a long drink glass, the type of glass, filling quantity, shape and cut are important. Cut crystal and lead crystal glasses are particularly elegant. They are both harder and more translucent than normal glasses. Most long drink glasses have a tall, slim and cylindrical shape, such as the highball. However, bulbous models, such as tumblers, are also suitable for some drinks. To achieve good stability, the long drink glasses should have a thick base. The capacity should be at least 200 milliliters. Some models can even hold 400 milliliters. Of course, color and cut should not be neglected in the selection process, as they add visual and decorative value to the long drink glasses. The cut of crystal and lead crystal glasses ensures high light refraction and beautiful lighting effects. Stained glasses in different colors are elegant and unusual.

Long drink glasses for every occasion

Here in the store, you have access to modern and high-quality long drink glasses for every occasion. Whether as a sundowner, for the home bar, for the party cellar or for use in gastronomy and catering. The range includes artistically designed long drink glasses for decoration as well as handy and robust models for events and celebrations. Here are the areas of application for our long drink glasses at a glance:

  • Celebration
  • Event
  • Trade fair
  • Weddings
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Party
  • Homebar
  • Party cellar
  • Decoration

You too can rely on the high-quality brand glasses from our store and secure modern and stylish long drink glasses at a reasonable price.