Table display

What is a table display?

Table displays are ideal for presenting your offerings in a charming way.

A "menu card" shows you what kind of delicacies you can expect at a party. The table stand helps you to choose your drink from the drinks on offer at an event. These products are available in various colors and sizes. Stands are often also available in the form of a chalkboard. Table stands are a great eye-catcher in your home bar. They will attract the attention and curiosity of your guests. For example, you can set up an elegant advertising display for your company in your party room. In this sophisticated way, you will be remembered by your guests for a very long time.

The different types of table displays

One of the truths in the catering industry is that presentation is just as important as the taste of the food. Decorate your banquet table and don't forget that a table display is also important. A reserved table sign at a wedding, for example, indicates your place.

For example, you can opt for a removable acrylic frame in A7 format. This model is suitable for all standard paper formats. To announce table numbers at a large celebration, table stands made of stainless chrome-nickel steel are ideal. Wood is a natural product that creates a warming atmosphere everywhere. It looks high quality and feels pleasant to the touch. These stands are so robust that they remain attractive for a long time. Wooden table displays are also a beautiful eye-catcher. Several slots are often milled into these models, which can also hold a brochure. Some of the products are combined with plastic to better protect the offers from moisture and dirt.

Quite often you will also see a wooden display together with a chalk board. Some of these products are already labeled with words such as "daily specials" or "reserved". They fit particularly well into a rustic setting and can be quickly and easily labeled with times or daily specials. Models with a folding stand on the back are particularly stable. A magnetic strip can be used to attach a sheet of paper to a table stand. This type of stand-up display is very suitable for reservations if they are labeled with the names of the guests and the desired time.