Bar accessories

Why are there bar accessories? What is it good for? The answer is simple and logical.

You've worked night after night to find your dream girl on Tinder. And Bäämmm .... found it. Bull's eye. Now it's time for the first real date. The champagne is perfectly chilled and you've had your mom teach you the best recipes. Now you could (theoretically) chill the fine Veuve Clicquot in a cleaning bucket and crumple up the kitchen roll with the unicorns next to the lasagne. Our recommendation: you could - but you shouldn't.

Make the evening a successful highlight that is harmonious, where everything fits together and leaves a good impression. Treat yourself, your partner, friends and family to something special, because the little extras such as bar mats, shakers, napkins, bar caddies, bottle coolers, show bottles, openers and glorifiers impress and always have a big impact and prove authenticity.

The wow effect will get you to your destination.