Shot glasses

Practical and high-quality shot glasses

To serve schnapps and liqueur, you need stylish and high-quality shot glasses. You can find a wide range of models here in the store. The branded glasses offer excellent manufacturing quality. They are made from high-quality glass or crystal glass. There are also plastic models for events and large-scale functions. Get the right shot glass for every occasion here in the store. You can find out more about the different shot glass models in our range below.

Serve schnapps in style

With the shot glasses from our store, you can serve schnapps and liqueur in style. Whether as a sundowner or for the party cellar, the glasses cut a fine figure everywhere. They can be used in the home bar or in gastronomy and catering. All models impress with their excellent glass thickness and offer a volume of between two and six cl, depending on the model. For fruit brandy, vodka, whiskey, grappa, sherry, ouzo, sambuca or liqueur, you can equip yourself with a set of suitable glasses for every high-proof drink here in the store.

Different types of glasses for shots

Whether for classic shots or stylish whisky enjoyment, you can find the right glasses for private or gastronomic use here in the store. The right shot glass equipment is available for parties, celebrations, weddings, events, birthdays or anniversaries. The range extends from bulbous to filigree glass variants. The classic shot glasses are small and compact. They are suitable for Korn, Obstler or Aquavit. There are larger tumblers and tumblers for whisky. But also discover the stylish digestif glasses and cognac glasses for brandy, cognac, liqueur, grappa and sherry. The shape, material and filling quantity of the glasses are ideally suited to the respective drink. You will find high-quality shot glass models for, among other things:

  • Fruit brandy
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Vodka
  • Cognac
  • Grappa
  • Sherry
  • Ouzo
  • Sambuca
  • Liqueur

Get practical and stylish shot glasses and benefit from attractive prices and fast delivery here in the store.