Nosing glasses

Nosing glass for tasting and decoration

If you are looking for special glasses for tasting spirits, there is no getting around nosing glasses. They are primarily designed for single-malt whiskies, but can also be used for other high-proof drinks such as calvados, Armagnac, cognac, tequila, rum and brandy. Here in the store, you will find modern and high-quality nosing glasses from leading brand manufacturers. They impress with their high material and manufacturing quality as well as their decorative appearance. They are robust, durable and easy to clean. Find out more about the practical special glasses for tasting below.

Tasting glasses in an elegant and unmistakable shape

The nosing glasses from our store look like a sherry tulip. Their bulbous shape allows the aroma to develop well. The tapered shape of the glass allows the aroma to reach the nose. Liquids can be easily swirled in the glass. The colorless and thin glass design also makes color classification easy. With a wide base, the tasting glasses have a secure stand.

Special glasses for whisky and wine tasting

The branded glasses from our store are an excellent choice for whisky tasting. However, they are also used for wine tastings. The tasting glasses are easy to fill and, thanks to their long stem, fit comfortably in the hand and can be swiveled easily. Each sommelier glass is light and easy to handle. Larger models are available for tasting different types of beer. This is especially true for strong beers.

Nosing glasses for every occasion

Here in the store, you have access to a wide range of nosing glasses. The glasses for private or gastronomic use are handy, robust, durable and easy to clean. High-quality crystal glasses are particularly popular. On the one hand, they are thicker-walled and on the other, they ensure stylish light refraction. The Glencairn model is a classic among nosing glasses. It holds 35 milliliters and is perfect for whisky tasting. A stemmed glass makes viewing and swirling easier. In contrast to the tumbler, this design does not heat the spirit. Whether for sundowners, for the home bar or for the party cellar, here in the store you will find modern and practical tasting glasses for whisky and wine that can be used in a variety of ways. Among other things, they are suitable for

  • Celebration
  • Party
  • Event
  • Weddings
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Gastronomy
  • Whisky and wine cellars

You too can rely on high-quality tasting glasses and benefit from attractive prices and fast shipping here in the store.