What is a cocktail stirrer?

A cocktail stirrer is a very useful bar helper for spicing up and mixing all kinds of cocktails. Such a stirrer can also be personalized for promotional purposes and provided with a company logo.

A cocktail stirrer adds the finishing touch to the drink.

How is a cocktail stirrer used?

First, you need to make a non-alcoholic mixture in a mixing cup. Then add some ice and alcohol if necessary. Then serve the drink at your party with a stirrer. It adds the finishing touch to your sundowner.

Take your cocktail stirrer with your thumb, index and middle finger and start stirring in a vertical motion in the cocktail glass.

If the stirrer is personalized with your logo, the bar helper will be engraved in the minds of the guests at the next event. A stirrer like this is therefore an indispensable promotional item for every party cellar. A stirrer is also a traditional tool that should not be missing from your home bar due to its functionality and aesthetics. You can use it to prepare drinks in which the ingredients are added one after the other. This type of cocktail is often served at a wedding reception.

The different types of cocktail stirrers

For your drinks, you can choose between wooden, white, black and colored stirrers. There are also both sober and fun models, so you have a suitable stirrer for every occasion.
Wooden drink stirrers: These products are perfect for a party where environmentally friendly service is important. This is because they are biodegradable.

Metal stirrers: These are more professional tools that are appreciated by many bartenders. They are also a good investment for your home bar as they are durable and easy to wash.
Stirrers made of plastic or methacryla are disposable. They are available in various designs.
Fluorescent stirrers: As they glow in the dark, they also serve as decoration at concerts. They work at a night party and at any celebration at night.