Bar cutlery & presses

Bar cutlery & juicers, the indispensable bar helpers

As a bartender in a party bar, you will need fresh fruit juice sooner or later. A lemon squeezer can be found in many bars. This appliance with its hinged bowl and handles is easy to use. It is therefore also a good investment for your home bar. A bar spoon will help you mix your cocktails thoroughly in a glass at your next event. The stirring spoon with its long, thin shape is also ideal for glasses filled with ice. You will also need a professional pestle (bar muddler) so that you can prepare drinks with fresh herbs and fruit. By having bar cutlery such as a knife with two tips for cutting fruit and a sturdy ice scoop with perforations to hand, you can make your drinks more accurately and efficiently. The bar spoon is not only suitable for mixing your cocktails at a party. You can also use it to measure out the syrup for your mixtures.

For professional cocktail preparation: lime squeezer and barware

A hand press juicer for the worktop is standard equipment for many bartenders. The tabletop device, which crushes fruit and squeezes juice with its lever, is a good option if your guests at a party, such as a wedding, have an appetite for lots of juice-based drinks and cocktails. These models are also suitable as a lime squeezer and are easy to use and clean. The bar knife with the two tips is used to process fruit that you will use to decorate your drinks. The fruit can be used to enhance your cocktails. The ice scoop is also an indispensable bar helper. It has a perforation that prevents melt water from watering down the cocktails. Even if you have a bar at home, you will need good bar cutlery as well as a juicer. These useful bar helpers will come in handy at a party in the cellar. Utensils such as a caipirinha pestle and a bar spoon allow you to prepare long drinks and cocktails professionally. Of course, you should also have a bar strainer and a cocktail shaker.