What is a bottle pourer?

Bottle pourers with a portioner provide precise control when pouring alcohol into a cocktail glass or cocktail shaker.

These bar helpers are usually made of stainless steel or plastic. Interested customers can choose between a free pourer and a dispenser when purchasing. While with a free pourer, the amount of liquid from the bottle can be freely determined, with a portioner the liquid is already fixed

Bottle pourers: interesting facts and advantages

A bottle pourer is an indispensable tool for the home bar and party cellar. The first patent for a bottle pourer with a portioner was filed by John J. Daly in 1963. He wanted to provide a liquid pourer for liquor bottles that would dispense the desired amount of liquor when the bottle was tilted. As a result, bartenders were able to prepare drinks more quickly at a party or celebration. If you work in a bar, you will be familiar with the word "pourer". It is the name for the different types of liquor and juice pourers. For example, if you are mixing yourself a "Rock Shandy" as a sundowner, the pourer will help you to portion the gin, tequila or vodka correctly. It is best to insert the bottle pourer into the bottle so that the pouring opening faces the bottle label so that you know immediately which way the hole is pointing


When mixing a cocktail for a wedding reception, the correct proportion of spirits should be adhered to so that the event does not get out of hand before the ceremony in the church. When celebrating in your party cellar, it can be useful to use different colored pourers with an integrated dispenser. Then you know immediately which bottle contains which drink. The bottom end of the pourer has a conical shape so that it adapts perfectly to the different sizes of bottle necks. It should be sunk (sensitively) as far as possible into the opening of the bottle. When pouring the liquids, tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle. Bear in mind that sugary liqueurs can clog the spout. The spout should therefore be cleaned more frequently