Chopping boards & knives

Cutting boards & knives in different designs

Alongside a Boston shaker, a chopping board is an important tool for the professional bartender. It helps them to create amazing drinks for a party. The bar utensil ensures safety when cutting cocktail fruit.

Mix cool drinks in the party cellar with the help of bar accessories

The cutting board for the bar can be made of wood, glass, vinyl or plastic. A cutting board also includes a good knife for cutting limes and lemons. The board protects the bar from knife cuts. It ensures that the bar knife does not become blunt so quickly when cutting and chopping fruit and other cocktail ingredients. The bar knife comes in different shapes and often has a double tip and a wooden handle.

Amazing cocktails are usually served at a wedding reception. A special knife for the bar and a wooden cutting board are important bar helpers when it comes to cutting fruit and cocktail decorations. Bamboo boards, for example, have surfaces that are difficult to penetrate when cutting cocktail fruit for a party. As a result, virtually no bacteria can form on them. In comparison, plastic chopping boards scratch easily. Glass models are stylish and non-porous, so they are easy to clean, but they can quickly dull a bar knife. A forked knife with a stainless steel blade is perfect for any cocktail task. It helps you to prepare a wonderful sundowner in your home bar.

A citrus knife with a serrated blade is suitable for cutting and serving citrus fruits, whose peel is usually difficult to cut through. The various bar helpers are popular gifts for home bar owners. They have been developed for enthusiasts and professionals. Cocktail shakers, bar spoons, cutting boards and bar knives enable every bartender to prepare classic cocktails at events. Enjoy cool drinks with friends and family from your party cellar, mixed with the help of high-quality bar tools.