Tin signs

Tin signs with a retro look

Before there was radio and television advertising, tin signs were the medium of choice for advertising drinks, food, cars and motorcycles, etc. Many of the retro metal signs now have a high collector's value. Milk signs often featured a cow to show that the products came straight from the farm. In our product range, for example, you will also find a nostalgic "RAHMA BLECHSCHILD" with a young lady in a country outfit.

Metal advertising signs in different sizes and embossings

Decorative metal signs are perfect for the party room and your home bar. They are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention at an event. They also make a great wedding or birthday present for metal art collectors.

Some of our nostalgic signs are made from enamel and even come with holes for screws and nails. We also have a selection of high quality embossed signs with imprints of cars, motorcycles, fuels, to name a few. There are also retro metal signs in vintage design from breweries such as "Corona Extra". Our wall signs and decorative boards are sure to look great in your home bar. They are a great eye-catcher at any celebration or party. You'll also find that these wall signs make perfect gifts.

Tin signs bring back the past

Our unique enamel signs are a copy of the past. That's why they are a must-have for hospitality entrepreneurs, as they fit perfectly in cafés, restaurants, party cellars, etc. Bring back the days of the past with these high-quality embossed decorative items. What's more, this advertising from years gone by gives many people a warm feeling. The wall signs represent nostalgia in its purest form. So browse through our store, we have a wide range of tin signs in various sizes and with different embossing. These include, for example, a "LEIBNIZ-BAHLSEN-BLECHSCHILD", a nostalgic "Maggi" sign, a tin sign with "workshop rules" in a vintage look and many more.