Beer mugs

We all know it from the Oktoberfest: the Maß is a hit! Beer mugs, which you can buy from Barmeister24, are the perfect way to get that Oktoberfest feeling at home. Beer mugs keep the beer cool for a particularly long time and make for fun moments while chugging a beer!

Glass and clay beer mugs from Barmeister24 - festival tent feeling with a long tradition

It's not enough for someone to know how to tap a beer properly, the right vessel also ensures good taste. In a private setting, a blind eye may be turned, but the wrong beer mugs (also known as steins) should not be used in your home. It is even more disastrous when beer is served in bars, beer gardens and restaurants in an unsuitable glass. The taste of beer is only fully experienced by the thirsty drinker through the use of glass tankards or beer mugs made of clay. At Barmeister24 you can buy beer mugs in all variations - just take a look and discover our wide range.

Beer mugs bring the taste of beer to the highest level

Beer only becomes a real pleasure when it is drunk in one of our Barmeister24 beer mugs. This special beer vessel can be traced back to the 15th century. Once made of gray stone, today you will of course also find glass as a frequently used material - as with us.

We no longer make beer mugs from pottery, but you can still buy beer mugs made from clay. There is always space for a logo of your favorite beer brand on our tankards. Simply choose and buy what suits the type of beer you want - to make your drinking experience even better. At Barmeister24, beer is still the real deal, see for yourself what we have in store for your beer.

Glass beer mugs: why you should order glass beer mugs!

You can get glass beer mugs from us in a wide variety of versions and designs. A logo that belongs to your favorite beer brand always looks very professional - so you can buy beer mugs from Becks or beer mugs from Benediktiner Weissbräu from us. Glass is very popular because it is easy to clean hygienically - without any effort.

Tempered glass is particularly hard-wearing and durable, as it is much more stable than conventional glass. It can easily withstand temperatures in the dishwasher, including changes from hot to cold. If it breaks due to carelessness, you don't need to worry. The grains are not sharp and therefore do not cause injuries so quickly.

Buy a clay beer mug: Cold beer for everyone!

These models warm the hearts of nostalgic beer drinkers. The advantage of this material is that it keeps the beer chilled for longer. The foam also stays on the beer for longer - at least that's what many beer drinkers say. The elaborate decorations on these mugs are also popular.

At Barmeister24, you can buy beer mugs from Löwenbräu with a nostalgic Oktoberfest print or stylish mugs from Paulaner. With us, everyone will find a beer mug to suit their taste!

The "Halbe" and the "Maß" - which is which?

This is about the amount your mug can hold. A "Halbe" means that half a liter of beer fits in your beer mug. The "Maß" is intended more for the well-trained beer drinker, as it refers to a whole liter of beer. However, half a liter is usually used, because if you drink more slowly, your beer will become stale as a "Maß". In order to be able to hold a "Maß" properly, the tankards have a sturdy handle. Perfect for stemming a "Maß" with your friends!

Our inspiration: buy Barmeister24 beer mugs as a gift

Many beer drinkers even collect steins - preferably with a wide variety of logos and decorations. Coats of arms and engravings are highly coveted among collectors. So why not use the beer mugs made of clay or glass as an ingenious gift idea? You won't find any other gift so easily and quickly, because at Barmeister24 you will find a large selection of special tankards for sale. The following products, for example, are extremely suitable as gifts for tankards:

Bottle openers
Bar mats

and other accessories for your bar!

Find and buy the perfect tankard at Barmeister24

Thanks to Barmeister24, you don't have to ask around in a marquee to find the perfect tankard. There's also no need for a tedious search in the city, because you can buy a beer mug from us in the online store at fair prices, which is what your beer needs to quench your thirst. You can already look forward to a delicious beer crown in your beer mug. It's not just at the Oktoberfest in Munich that beer mugs have become indispensable for beer drinkers. Now we wish you a hearty "Cheers"!