Reusable cup

Practical and high-quality reusable cups

Reusable cups are extremely practical for parties, celebrations, events and catering. They have a high material and manufacturing quality. They are stackable and practically indestructible. What's more, the hard plastic cups can be washed and reused. This protects the environment. Find out more about the practical and high-quality reusable cups in our range below.

The features and benefits of reusable cups

Where branded glasses made from real glass are impractical or dangerous, cups made from high-quality plastic can be used. They are extremely robust, dimensionally stable and safe to use as they do not produce any shards. Best of all, unlike disposable cups, they are easy to wash and reuse. The hard plastic glasses and cups are even suitable for the dishwasher. In addition, the cups can be labelled and printed in a variety of ways so that you can optimize them for a specific event. Here in the store, the hard plastic cups are available in a wide variety of versions: As a beer glass, champagne glass, juice glass or sundowner. They are available in different sizes with a capacity of between 0.33 and 0.5 liters. They are also available with or without a calibration mark and as transparent or milky models. The stackable and unbreakable cups take up little storage space and are easy to store and transport.

Reusable cups for different areas of use

The high-quality hard plastic cups from our store are particularly suitable as drinking cups at large events. However, you can also use them to equip your party cellar or home bar. Here are the different areas of use at a glance:

  • Catering
  • Gastronomy
  • Large events
  • Party
  • Weddings
  • Event
  • Trade fair
  • Party cellar
  • Home bar

Buy modern reusable cups at low prices

Here in the store, you can choose from a wide selection of modern and high-quality hard plastic cups for catering, gastronomy or party cellars. They are available in many different sizes and models for beer, soft drinks, schnapps, coffee, sparkling wine and wine. All reusable glasses and cups are dishwasher-safe and can be reused without any problems. Benefit from top quality, low prices and fast delivery here in the store.