Why should you use coasters?

As a guest at a party, please use a coaster for your glasses. The same applies to your home bar if you are serving a cold glass of beer to your guests. However small the coasters may be, they protect the tables, especially if they are made of wood or marble.

The selection of coasters is huge

You can order a wide variety of coasters in our store. For example, you can find labeled coasters from "Steffl Bräu Wien", "Brauhaus Halle", rare coaster collections from the former GDR, Middle Franconia, Hamburg, etc. Of course, we also offer a wide variety of branded glasses for your party cellar. These include wine glasses from Jamie Oliver, glasses from the drinks manufacturer "Piper Heidsieck" and "Cano Rio", to name just a few examples.

Water rings on the underside of glasses leave ugly puddles on the counter of your home bar. This is due to the temperature of cold drinks. With this in mind, it makes sense to use a table protector such as a beer mat before placing drinks on the bar at an event. Coasters keep the furniture free from blemishes.

If you take a look around our store page, you will notice that the selection of coasters is huge. They are available in various shapes and bear the labels of well-known drinks manufacturers. Beer mats are usually made of absorbent cellulose cardboard. The products, with high-quality printing on both sides, are practical bar helpers when it comes to serving a "cool blonde" at a party. You shouldn't put a glass of champagne down at a wedding without an attractive table protector.

The custom-printed coasters are suitable for a variety of applications. For example, never serve a "Michocacan Sundowner", that tropical cocktail for a hot summer night party, without an elegant, absorbent coaster. This is the only way to protect your furniture. These small objects are also very popular with many guests as collector's items. Browse our online store and you'll find that you can choose from glass coasters in square, rounded, round and hexagonal formats.