Always the right cup for every drink

Do you always drink your coffee from a sturdy mug or your favorite tea from an elegantly designed glass? Or do you prefer to drink from a ceramic mug? No problem, we have an extensive and varied range of drinking vessels of all kinds. Whether it's a mug, ceramic mug, drinking cup, porcelain, glass or handled glass - we have the right vessel for every taste.

A mug is not only suitable for coffee or tea

A mug is a drinking vessel with a handle that many people like to use for hot drinks. This often involves coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cocoa. The classic coffee cup and the elegant tea cup are usually made of porcelain, stoneware, earthenware or earthenware. These drinks are also often served in larger cups. This is colloquially referred to as a pot. But a cup is not only suitable for drinking tea or coffee.

Varied selection of glass, porcelain, drinking cups or ceramic cups

Do you only drink tea or coffee from a mug? And cocktails or long drinks are only served from a glass? I'm sure that's what many people think. But it's not quite that simple. The market offers a wide range of drinking vessels for all kinds of drinks. Here you will find numerous different drinking vessels for every taste. For example, the classic glass, the elegant handled glass, but also beautiful and sturdy drinking cups, which should simply not be missing in any restaurant or household.

The right container for every drink and every occasion

The variety of drinking vessels is comparable to that of tableware. They differ not only in terms of shape, use, design and price segment. But also in the choice of drink. No matter whether it's a party in the party cellar, a celebration in the home bar or a classic wedding or any other event. Whether it's tea in a beautifully shaped glass, fragrant coffee in a sturdy mug or mulled wine in an elegant handled glass - we have the right drinking vessel for every taste.