What are promotional items?

Promotional items are given away by companies to customers. Breweries, for example, print the logo of their beers on bottle openers, glasses and aprons, etc. for advertising purposes. In our store you will also find pens with promotional imprints and black men's caps, for example. Browse through our online shop if you are looking for gift ideas for your guests before a party.

There are no costs for the recipient of promotional items

Is one of your regular guests from your party room about to get married? Then surprise him with a calculator and notepad from our store. The groom-to-be is sure to be delighted. Because there's a lot to plan and organize before the event. For the bride, the golf deodorant foam bath + bath thermometer is a great gift idea.

Merchandise (marketing) describes goods with advertising that are given as gifts. This includes, for example, spirits, pens, notebooks with logos and other items. These marketing products are very common nowadays and extremely effective if you surprise your guests with them at an outdoor party, for example. There is usually no cost to the recipient.

What are the most popular promotional items?

With promotional gifts, you can also achieve better customer loyalty with your guests in the indoor area. These customized items are sure to be in your immediate vicinity. From show bottles for your home bar to glass coasters with the logo of breweries for the party cellar. The products have become an integral part of today's business world. Items such as caps and office supplies with logos are promotional items and are designed to familiarize potential customers with a company's brand and offerings.

In our store, for example, you can purchase promotional gifts such as a flashlight with the "Mazda" logo in a set with a note holder and a Victoria card game. We also have a writing set consisting of a metal ballpoint pen and fountain pen (in a box) in our product range. Our colorful flashlight keychains are also very popular. Browse through our online store, where you will find a wide variety of gift ideas.